amoenus externus

With amoenus externus, the sound of a near field loudspeaker system is simulated on headphones.

Why simulating speakers?

When you are listening to stereo music with headphones (as opposed to loudspeakers) you may observe several sonic degradations:
• The stereo field is stretched to an angle of 180°, as if you were sitting just in-between the speakers (also known as in-head localisation).
• The music gets a wrong acoustic colour.
• There‘s no depth in the sound. All sonic sources seem to be lined up between your ears and it‘s difficult to localise their position in the stereo field.

The result is an unnatural listening experience and may cause a phenomenon called „Headphone fatigue“.

The reason for this problem is quite simple:
By far the largest share of music is made (mixed) for playback on loudspeakers ideally arranged in a 60° triangle to the listener to get the most accurate sound reproduction.

In order to achieve the original listening experience on headphones the sound of loudspeakers in a 60° triangle array has to be simulated on the phones.

And that‘s exactly what amoenus externus does.

the ideal 60° stereo triangle
listening position

listening with

listening with
amoenus externus

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Copyright © 2019 amoenus audio. All rights reserved