amoenus verus

With this technology the sound reproduction on loudspeakers is improved in a wide range.


In an acoustic musical instrument the sound is emitted over the entire area of the sound body.
Thus the different shares of the direct sound reach the ear of the listener not at the exact same time.

On the other hand the radiating surface of a speaker is very small.
Especially in the higher frequency range, where the localisation of the ear is highly accurate, the sound is emitted virtually punctual.

The human hearing realises such differences very good.
Therefore it‘s quite easy to distinguish in a blind-test between a live played instrument and the same one reproduced by a loudspeaker.

amoenus verus reconstructs the missing spatial image of the instrument and achieves amazing results:

• The sound image detach slightly from the speakers and appear three-dimensional.
• The instruments sound naturally (particularly such with a wide overtone spectrum).
• The stereo image appear tidy (better localisation of the sound sources).
• The virtual centre-channel gets the necessary presence.
• The „live“ feeling is increased.

without amoenus verus

with amoenus verus

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Copyright © 2019 amoenus audio. All rights reserved