The technology of amoenus audio can be licensed.
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The systems work completely digital and can be realised on a variety of different platforms:
• hardware: DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
• software: computer plug-in (e.g. ASIO, AU, VST) apps (e.g. iOS, Android)

By the use of simple algorithms like delay, EQ and volume the requirements to the hardware are quite moderate.
No reverb or room-simulation are used in the process to prevent any change of the original spatiality.


amoenus externus:
• headphone amplifiers
• portable music devices (e.g. MP3-player, smartphone)
• home stereo equipment with headphone output
• in-ear monitoring systems for live performance
• headphone monitoring for sound-check and recording
• plug-in for DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
• etc.

amoenus verus:
• stand-alone unit to insert into a home stereo system
• implementation of software into devices with available DSP (e.g. AV-receiver, TV)
• audio systems with WLAN transmission
• plug-in for PC-based music player (e.g. iTunes, Winamp, VLC)
• plug-in for mastering
• etc. 

Copyright © 2019 amoenus audio.
All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 amoenus audio. All rights reserved